Jeff Plankenhorn’s songwriting, expressive vocals, and musicianship are front and center on his latest album, Alone At Sea, produced by Colin Linden (Bruce Cockburn, Keb Mo.) New sonic territory is explored on this gem of a long player.

    The title track, “Alone at Sea,” is a poignant ballad nestled between two of the album’s many up-tempo tunes.It envisions an adventurous soul who’s searching for self-awareness and learns to appreciate solitude, not unlike Plank’s experience of moving to Canada’s Vancouver Island from a 20-year stint in the landlocked confines of Austin, TX.

    Plank is a highly respected musician known for his skill as a slide guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist. He’s gained recognition both as a solo artist and as a sought-after session musician. Plankenhorn’s musical style encompasses elements of blues, folk, Americana, and roots music, creating a sound that’s uniquely his own.

    For Jeff Plankenhorn, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of bringing people together to experience the joy music brings. He’s so good at it that he’s been recognized with Austin Music Award nominations for Musician of the Year, Best Guitarist, and Best Misc. Instrument – for “The Plank” a hybrid lap steel guitar Jeff designed himself. In 2016-2017, he also earned Album and Song of the Year nominations for his album, SoulSlide, and the single “Trouble Find Me.” Listeners quickly get that Plank loves a good groove, but he’s also become quite accomplished at composing ballads, as proven by two of the album’s other standouts, “Bluer Skies” and You’ll Stay.” These days, Plank happily finds himself on the road over 150 days a year. “I like the idea that people get uplifted at my shows; just one of the great ways to escape the hubbub of day-to-day living. I like the idea that everybody who walks in — I don’t care if you’re a biker or a drag queen — I want you there. Music is supposed to bring people together.” His music does exactly that — whether people come to listen or do a little dancing. Or ideally, both.


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